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Friday, July 28, 2006

Some random thoughts

Here are some things I find it very hard to believe:
Noah and His Ark:
There's not enough water in existance to flood the entire globe, even if it rained for forty days and forty nights. Among his animals, would he have had room for a pair of all the sorts of dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, etc? We know such creatures existed. It would take a lot of feed to keep all those animals alive for 150 days until the water went down.

Adam and Eve: Who did Cain and Abel marry to perpetuate mankind? And when the big flood came, the only people saved were Noah and his family. Everything else on the earth was destroyed.

I believe all life evolved and that the earth underwent many changes along the way. Din0saurs once roamed the earth in Alberta, and when they came to an end that same area was covered by ice. I believe that the Earth was hit by a huge meteor which knocked it off its regular orbit and that spelled the end of the dinosaurs. Areas once tropical became polar regions covered by ice. Remains of a wooly mammoth have been found in Nova Scotia.
I believe that Earth will be hit again by a huge meteor and will undergo another big change. If man doesn't blow it up first using neuclear power. Fasten your seat belts.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tuffysmom flies

Tuffysmom asked for some pictures of planes that I gave her rides in.When she was about three years old I took her up in the Piper Cub shown above. She was in the back seat and shortly after takeoff I looked around to see how she was making out. She said "Watch where you're going Daddy'" I guess she was afraid we would run into something. She also had rides in the Stinson. One of those trips was to Digby.

Out hangar was across the highway from the airport, and each morning we would taxi across the highway to get onto the airort.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A forlorn little waif

This is just to reply to a comment regarding the size of my font. This is a larger size. Actually, my old font was easier to read on my monitor than either Marsha's or Michelle's.
Now I'll publish it to see if Mr Blogger has frigged it up. Time for bed.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cats, cats, cats

Shania and Katie pose for the camera man.

Kayla is musically inclined and is pretty good on the organ.

Katie is cooling off in the grass. Tuffy comes to visit once in a while.
This whole exercise is just for practice. Me and Mr. Blogger don't get along to well together and I have a difficult time getting images and text to come out where they should when the blog is published. Using the preview feature doesn't help as it looks different than on the compose page and is also different than on the published blog. I would not say that the program is very user friendly. Anyway, here goes, I'll publish this and see what kind of a mess I have made.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fore!, Lets go golfing

Yarmouth Golf Club

A golfing we will go. On the right is Tiger Crocker, who provides the cart so that we two old crocks don't have to walk. I help provide the gas. We go out each day when the weather is fine. The ball doesn't go as far as it used to but we have fun and get good exercise.

Dick, ready to tee off on hole # one.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spruce Trees for Sprucewood Drive

On our lawn were two old stumps, cut off at ground level, where two big spruce trees once stood. I decided to replace them with new spruce trees, which seemed appropriate for the address, Sprucewood Drive. This little blue spruce is shown as it was in mid July of the last three years.

I found the little tree on the left growing under our front deck, up alongside the foundation wall. It must have sprouted from a seed which had lain dormant for over fifteen yeats, and then decided to sprout.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gardening and Stuff

Last year the forsythia bush to the left was a dead loss. But this year it is loaded with blossoms which are not quite yet if full bloom.

There is a story behind the tomato plants shown below. There was small square in the corner of the back yard where I had piled grass clippings last year. The grass had died so I decided to dig it up and plant some tomatoes. At Anthony's fruit stand in Dayton I asked "S" for some advice on which kind to buy. Now, "S" is the same person who approached me a long time ago, saying that if I ever intended to sell my place in Dayton, she wanted first chance to buy it. I agreed. Later on, when I decided to move to town I held up listing the place until she had her chance. It turned out she only offered about half of what I wanted for it. She still apologises for inconveniencing me. So she gave me the tomato plants, free of charge. She even threw in some pansies as well.

The tomatoes grew alright, and although they produce lots of blossoms, I have yet to see a tomato. The buds just fall off. Maybe there's a jinx on them. My green thumh seems to have lost its touch. Anyway, they were free, so I can't complain

I planted the pansies out front where they have a lot of competition from the other flowerw.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hair today - gone tomorrow

A story about growing old. You start life with a little hair on your head. Later on, some sprouts in other places and, like the kid in the commercial who says. "I'm a big kid now", you can say, "I'm a grown-up now. Fast forward . The hair on the head either starts to turn white, fall out, or a little of both. See what I mean?

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