Odds and ends

Friday, May 26, 2006

Heading West

Traveling man is heeding the advice of someone who said "Go west, young man" and is taking off for Calgry this morning. With favourable winds, we should arrive there at 8:40 PM, Alberta time.

My trusty aircraft is all warmed up and off we go.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bewildered,Befuddled Blogger

Yes, I'm befuddled. Last night I stayed up until 1:30 AM trying to get out a blog. It was to have a picture at the top, some text under that, and some more text.
The first image came out great, and I added some text. Then I wanted to place another image under that, thinking it would be placed where my curser was. It wasn't. It was at the top of the blog, above the first picture. This, of course destroyed the sequence. I tried to cut snd paste. No luck. I couldn't even get rid of the top picture.
After about three tries I gave up and went to bed.
This morning I asked Fireguy how he did his. "Cut and Paste" he said.
I started a test blog, inserted a picture, then another picture, and tried to get the second one under the first. It wouldn't cut, so, of course, had nothing to paste.
I tried the keyboard shortcut for cut, CTL + x. It cut the picture alright, but still wouldn't paste, even trying the keyboard shortcut for paste, which is Ctl + V. . Still no luck.
Fireguy said, "Well, it works on my computer".
I thought it might be some of my browser settings, but couldn't fix it. We saved what we had as a draft.
Our next step: We opened my site on Fireguy's computer and tried to edit it there. It worked perfectly. So now, if I want to publish a blog needing any image placement changes, I have to do it on fireguy's computer.
Woe is me!!

Truck Driver

Big shot truck driver strolling down 7th Avenue, Calgary sometime in 1940. Note the jaunty chauffeur type hat he's wearing. He'll be visiting here next week, if he can find the spot among all the high rise buildings that have sprouted up since that time.

My web-cam camera caught me as I was doing this. The ravages of time!
Keep tuned!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

New template

I've been juggling around some templates to find the most suitable one. The last one, with the pink background, looked a bit too "girlie".
Shown above is 7 Sprucewood Drive.

Friday, May 19, 2006

This is Shania, (not Twain)
She sleeps on my bed.
Shania, ( the real Twain) sleeps with some other Mutt.
If computers had been invented in Shakespeare's day, the famous soliloquy might have read, "To blog or not to blog, that is the question."

And so it was with me. After much arm twisting I finally gave in.