Odds and ends

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mostly about Susie

Learning to read, with the help of her big sister

With the coming of a little brother, her motherly instinct kicks in

Bad hair day?
All grown up nd ready for a big date.


Traveling Man said...

I made six attempts to edit this post and have not been able to position the text where it should go

NanNan said...

Now that hairdo took me hours and hours of teasing and hairspray to perfect!!! Seemed like a good hair day back then,, but looking at it now-- maybe you're right!!!!

NanNan said...

okay, now I get it-- the bad hair day was the one with the perm gone bad!!

Funnyface said...

What wonderful pictures.She looks like a little princess ready for the ball.

lovesjazzlovescoffee said...

I think they are the most proceless photos....esp the one of her with Jimmy...awwwweeee!!!! I love the date one....so sweet....looks like a first communion kind of dress....so pure!! :))) Awesome post!!!

Tuffysmom said...

Great pictures. And yes, the bad hair day was the one with the perm...I had plenty of those too.
I love that you scan the slides Dad..now we can have them too.