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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Living up to his name, Traveling Man visited Iceland, 63 years after doing wartime service there with the RCAF. This view was taken from the water storage facility for the City of Reykjavik, mounted on a hill alongside the airport. It was taken by Ragnar Ragnarsson, a friend I had met on the Internet. In the background is the airport from which our squadron operated. From a restaurant at the top there is an unlimited view in all directions.
My trip to Iceland proved to be even better than my expectations. Ragnar and I spent an entire afternoon together. He took me to all the places I wanted to see and gave me a tour of the city and surrounding area. Although there is nothing left of our wartime camp site, remembered by Americans as Camp Kitcherbellaikin, and renamed camp Maple Leaf when we took it over from them, I took some pictures at the cemetery nearby where nine of our Squadron casualties are buried.
My visit ended with a bang. I didn't expect to be treated to a 6.3 scale earthquake. However, I was already at the Keflavik airport waiting for my departure time, and the tremor there was barely noticeable. In fact, I didn't know until I got home that the quake had happened.


NanNan said...

Glad your trip exceeded your expectations!! Amazing how this machine in our homes can bring people together---- so where's your next trip?? Return to the Congo???

Tuffysmom said...

Wow..that's a great picture..I saved it for myself. I think you should post the picture of the camp with the sign..so that everyone can get the full effect.
Plus, it's a great picture too.
Quit Your Belly Aching! Hahahahahaha.
As for the earthquake, don't forget you did notice the building trembled and the hanging lights were swinging. But since no-one else seemed to worry about it..you didn't either I guess...
Sorry I haven't been online for a while...I've been sick with that dang cold..and Jim is sicker now than he was when you were here.
Marsha...your beautifully older daughter.