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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prettiest Cat

Here's my entry in the prettiest cat contest. Buddy, eat your heart out.
Who else has a cat with a cute tuft in the middle of its head like this one.


NanNan said...

She may not be the prettiest,, but I can vouch that she is the friendliest---

mikki said...

That little tuft is quite cute, I must admit. I think she almost lost it once - Paul threatened to snip it off... Anyway, she is a beauty :)

Tuffysmom said...

Hey...that's Katie! Don't forget, she was originally my cat, and I carefully and diligently nurtured that little 'tuft' on her head!!!!!
As Mikki said, she almost lost it..several times, actually. Paul was obsessed with cutting it off.

Fireguy said...

That's my baby!